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F&K at theUniversity of Southern California

The band Karyshma was born by accident. 

The genres we represent lie largely beyond our grasp or understanding.

We aren’t bringing Indian music to the West. We missed that chance by about 3 generations.


We do, however, bring more diverse influences than most bands we know.


The most fertile land is where rivers meet, and that’s where we live.

The band has performed over 900 concerts in the US and around the world. The artists have been featured the New York Times, RollingStone, and Billboard magazine among others.


On stage, we play mostly to make the other members smile. Two decades of shared chemistry resulting in spontaneous joy. The audience is brought along for the ride.

Maybe by understanding each other's music a little, we may find a way to understand something about ourselves.


//  vocals

microphone on stage

//  violin, guitar, vocals

Maggini's violin

//  keyboards, flute, vocals

Midi keyboard detail

//  tabla, no vocals

tabla hands.jpg
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