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//  Vocals

Falu is the first woman singer/songwriter from India to be nominated for a Grammy. Growing up in the mountains east of Bombay, Falu spent more time with music than with boys, which helped her build strong musical chops from great masters including the legendary Kaumudi Munshi, Uday Mazumdar, Kishori Amonkar and Sultan Khan.


When not busy with Falu & Karyshma, Falu has provided vocal textures across many genres by collaborating with artists ranging from Philip Glass to A.R. Rahman to Yo-Yo Ma.


She serves as Carnegie Hall’s ambassador of Indian Music and is on the NY Board of Governors for the Recording Academy. Falu has been named one of the 20 most influential global Indian women by the Economic Times of India and has won the “Women Icons of India” award.

Mostly, Falu spends her time texting her greatest fans, all 3 of whom happen to be in this band.

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